Supplimentary COVID Statement


Balmain Vet Hospital has been forced to change its operations in response to the latest developments in Sydney in the COVID-19 crisis.

These changes have been initiated to protect both our staff and our local community and have been designed primarily to ensure we can provide a continuous service to you and your pets through this pandemic.

The changes will have an impact on your visit to our hospital and we appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.

Please be advised of the following

1. We have broken our team into 3 small “micro-teams” so that if one of our team members is exposed to the virus this will result in a whole micro-team being forced into isolation. The other two teams will be able to provide a continuous health service for your pets in this event as they have no contact with the other teams. What this means is that we are effectively operating with 1/3 of our workforce each working day.

What is the impact of this change to you and your visit?

  • You may not be able to see the vet of your choice at short notice. 
  • We cannot see the same volume of patients each day. There may be a delay in being able to book your pet in to see us
  • We have to prioritise sick animals and animals in pain over routine appointments
  • We may be forced to re-book routine appointments/surgeries in the event we are overwhelmed by sick animals or emergencies.
  • There may be a delay in us being able to answer your phone call
  • There may be a delay in our vets getting back to you during the day due to the workload they are under currently.


2. We are reducing our physical contact and “time with clients” during this crisis. What does this mean?

  • You will be required to wait for your appointment outside the clinic (in your car/in the car park) until called for your appointment
  • You will not be able to wait in the waiting room for extended periods of time. This is to reduce potential exposure to our staff
  • During your consultation with one of our vets, you will be allowed to enter the consult room with your pet, but our vets may take your pet away from the consult room to continue the exam/administer necessary treatments to reduce contact time between you and our staff.
  • If there is any waiting time during your appointment with us, you are encouraged to wait outside where possible.


3. If you are travelling from a LGA that has tighter restrictions and/or lockdown requirements, you WILL NOT be able to enter our practice. What does this mean?

  • This applies to hotspot LGAs as well as LGAs of concern as listed on the NSW Health website
  • The entire consultation process will be conducted in a “contactless” manner
  • This will mean that you will need to call us when you enter our car park. We will send a staff member to your car to collect your pet. You are NOT to bring your pet in to the clinic
  • Our staff will attend to your pet and our vets will call you to discuss necessary treatment
  • On completion of the consultation, our staff will return your pet to your car in a manner that ensures no contact and will take payment in the car park with EFTPOS


4. We will NOT be accepting CASH payments during this time under any circumstance.


5. We are still seeing clients individually at this time BUT this may change if conditions worsen in our LGA. We will advise you of any changes to this in advance. We are aware that some veterinary hospitals are going contactless, but this severely reduces our capacity to see patients (wait times at some of these hospitals has been up to 6 hours).  We will monitor local cases closely and may need to change if cases rise dramatically. 


We understand that these changes will cause inconvenience to you but we equally hope that you understand that we have an obligation to protect the health of our staff during this pandemic.

These changes are designed to not only protect our staff, but to protect you and our community aswell.

We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.


The Balmain Vet Team