Surgery and Your Pet

All you need to know about your pets upcoming surgical procedure


Your pet has been recommended a surgical procedure by one of our Veterinary Surgeons.

Naturally, you may be anxious about what this means for you and your pet. Surgery is a common procedure undertaken many times a day, every day, at our hospital. All our surgeons are experienced and you can rest assured that every measure is taken to ensure the safest possible experience for your pet.

At Balmain Vet Hospital, we are very specific in what we recommend to ensure the minimisation of risk to your pet for their procedure.


To find out what you need to know if your pet is having surgery at BVH, please download the information booklet below...

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Download the brochures below to see why we strongly advise ALL patients have a pre anaesthetic blood test performed on the day of the surgery.

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What are the basic precautions taken at Balmain Veterinary Hospital to minimise risk during a surgical procedure?
  • We strongly advise all patients have a pre-anaesthetic blood test on the day to screen for liver and kidney health and ensure normal levels of protein in the blood. This helps us determine if your pet is a good candidate for surgery or not.
  • All surgical procedures that involve a general anaesthesic of longer than 10 minutes duration will have an Intravenous catheter placed and intravenous fluids running throughout the procedure to maintain their blood pressure and facilitate intravenous access if required.
  • Every animal will be given a pre-medication and the latest in induction and maintenance anaesthetic agents.
  • Every animal will have their vitals monitored with pulse oximetry, Doppler blood pressure and temperature continuously throughout their procedure
Every animal is recovered in a safe environment and closely observed until they are conscious enough to perform basic functions on their own accord.


What do I need to do with my pet after surgery?

This will vary between pets and types of surgeries but as a general rule, our recommendations for your pet after surgery are covered in the attachment provided.

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